Rudgwick Parish Council
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Planning Committee

This committee is responsible for commenting on all planning applications and reporting any faults with public footpaths and bridleways (not highway pavements).

Rudgwick Parish Council (RPC) is a statutory consultee which means Horsham District Council (HDC) who are the determining authority must inform RPC of any planning applications made within the Parish.  RPC consider all applications and at each planning meeting make comment.  RPC then inform HDC of their recommendation for each application.  Recommendations may be “Support”, No Objection” or “Objection”.  

See more about planning at Rudgwick Parish Council and how you can get your views heard here.

Finance, Policies and Human Resources Committee

This committee makes recommendations to the full Council in relation to matters relating to the proper financing and administration of the Council’s business, which is put into effect by the Parish Clerk as Proper Officer and Responsible Financial Officer, assisted by the Assistant Clerk.  See here for a list of council meetings.

The main activities are to ensure that the appropriate policies, checks and balances are in place for the efficient running of the Council, and to make recommendations each year for the amount of the Parish Precept to be claimed from the District Council, which forms part of the Council Tax raised from the Parish.  The Finance, Policies and Human Resources Committee meets when required.  See here for a list of council meetings.

Halls, Recreation and Open Spaces Committee

This committee is responsible for general maintenance and improvements of both village halls as well as assessment of risks and other safety considerations relating to the halls and open spaces.  

This committee also liaises with the Parish Open Spaces Warden who checks the condition and safety of all play equipment and public access areas within the Parish.

They liaise with all the sporting clubs and general field and hall users to ensure as many people as possible are catered for with the correct facilities.  The Halls,  Recreation and Open Spaces committee meets when required.  See here for a list of council meetings.

Working Groups

From time to time, the Parish Council will set up working groups to investigate, explore and promote particular issues.  Working Parties are not permitted to make decisions on behalf of the Council but instead are designed to research, discuss and then make recommendations to the Parish Council for any decisions to be made.