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Rudgwick Parish Council Playgrounds

Rudgwick Parish Council is delighted to inform parishioners that Churchman's Meadow and Rudgwick Hall Playgrounds are now both open to the public. Please be aware of/adhere to the conditions of use (see signage on display at playgrounds)- especially regarding number of people in the playground and social distancing. The Council is unable to guarantee that COVID 19 virus is not present and personal safety is the responsibility of users.

For further information on use, please see below.

Jonna Foote, Clerk, on behalf of Rudgwick Parish Council

Play areas

We are delighted that all our play areas are open.

All our play areas have been safety inspected but cannot be guaranteed to be coronavirus (COVID -19) free.

If you are using our play areas, please take all reasonable precautions to ensure your and your family’s safety, following the guidelines below:

  • Social distancing remains in place – please be respectful of other people
  • If you or any of your party are showing symptoms of coronavirus (COVID-19), do not enter the play area. Return home and seek medical assistance
  • Only 1 adult should accompany their children into the playground
  • Equipment which can accommodate multiple children e.g. climbing frames or a basket swing should be used by one family unit at a time (For Horsham Park and Dinosaur Island, we state a maximum of 4 children per piece of play equipment).
  • If a piece of equipment or the playground is busy, please come back later.
  • Do not use any equipment marked as out of use – such as talk tubes. These have been marked out of use as there may be an increased risk to using them.
  • Adults are reminded to ensure good hygiene by providing regular hand sanitation, especially on leaving the playground.
  • Please don’t eat and drink in the playground.
  • Please place your litter in a bin, or take it home with you

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