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Current Status 24th June 2019


This segment of the Rudgwick Parish Council website hosts material relating to the development of the Rudgwick Neighbourhood Plan (RNP).

 The RNP development is an activity that is on a wider footing that the Rudgwick Parish Council taking in the interests of the wider neighbourhood.

A Steering Group exists that handles the development and at 1 June 2019 it comprises:

Ian Maclachlan – Chairman

Johnny Barr, Renee Fickling, Paul Kornycky, Richard Landeryou, Heather Rodgers

 Paul Thompson, Nikki West, Philip Whiteman

This segment of the website will be updated as various items are progressed.


Rudgwick developed a Parish Plan in 2007 and a Rudgwick Parish Design Statement in 2009 (here).

These provide an overview of the neighbourhood but clearly require consideration for updates to match the current situation and emerging needs.

Following government and Horsham District Council (HDC) encouragement it was decided to undertake the development of a Neighbourhood Plan for Rudgwick.

How is a Neighbourhood Plan made?

Neighbourhood Plans are led by authorised local community organisations, most often parish councils or Neighbourhood Forums that represent a specific urban area.

There are five stages in making a Neighbourhood Plan.

Stage 1: Area Designation

Stage 2: Drafting and Consultation

Stage 3: Independent Examination

Stage 4: Referendum

Stage 5: Making the Neighbourhood Development Plan

On 25 July 2013, HDC delegated authority to the Head of Strategic Planning and Sustainability in consultation with the Cabinet Member for Planning and Development, to publicise applications for neighbourhood areas, consider representations and determine applications.

STAGE 1: Area Designation: An application for the designation of the Parish of Rudgwick under Regulations 5 and 6 as a neighbourhood area for the purpose of producing a neighbourhood development plan was received by HDC from Rudgwick Parish Council on 18 April 2016 and following a period of the consultation (4 weeks) the application was deemed to be compliant with Regulation 7 and approved by HDC on 28 June 2016.

Confirmation of this is (here) and (here) with a map of the designated area (here).

STAGE 2: Drafting and Consultation:

Prior to drafting the plan there is a need to conduct a Housing Needs Assessment. This work was contracted out and a document presenting the findings ( July 2017) is (here).

Subsequent work in March 2019 was conducted to further refine the Housing Needs and is presented (Housing Needs Review), (Appendix A), (Appendix B), (Appendix C) and (Appendix D).

With regards to the housing numbers, our revised figure of 50 to 60 (including the extra 19 already in the Windacres plan) has been accepted as our base number in relation to the current 1500 houses expected from the parishes by HDC. This does not mean the base number won't be under pressure when the HDPF review is completed and the HDC numbers are revised upwards.  It does however give us a lower base than previously from which to negotiate and argue our case based on what is viable in Rudgwick.

Call for sites

We have a requirement to issue a Call for Sites. This was done using various media, namely:

  • RPC website
  • RPC Facebook page
  • Village Notice Boards
  • The Rudgwick Magazine

On 26 February the following was posted on the first three listed above.


As part of the preparation of the Rudgwick Neighbourhood Plan, it is important for us to consider the merits of making site allocations for development in order to address local needs. We are therefore placing a call out to landowners in the Parish of Rudgwick who may have an interest in promoting their land for development. The Neighbourhood Plan is looking to address our needs over the next 15 years. 
If you are a landowner – or represent a landowner - and wish for your land to be considered for allocation in the Neighbourhood Plan, you are required to provide us with the following details:

a) A clear statement of which types of development you wish your land to be considered for, e.g. residential, leisure, employment, etc. 
b) The area of the land in hectares. Please note that sites must be at least 0.5 hectares in size to be considered. 
c) A plan which clearly shows the extent of the land that you wish to be considered. Ideally this should be on an Ordnance Survey base or equivalent. 
d) An understanding of how the site would be accessed by vehicle and opportunities for linking in with existing footpath/pavement and cycle routes 
e) Any relevant planning history for the site, e.g. extant planning permissions that have not been brought forward. 
f) Any legal issues such as covenants restricting the use of the land. 
g) Whether there are any restrictions to your site coming forward in the short term.

It is important that you submit your sites as part of the Neighbourhood Plan process. It establishes the principle of development of the land in question for that particular use. At present, much of the land around Rudgwick is not established as land for development and so is unlikely to have a good 
prospect of securing planning permission for development; an allocation might change that. 
Equally however, it is important that the sites which are allocated contribute towards achieving the vision and objectives of the Neighbourhood Plan, as set by the community.

Any site included in the Neighbourhood Plan still needs to apply for planning permission from Horsham District Council.

If you have already made a submission to Horsham District Council in respect of its Strategic Housing and Employment Land Availability Assessment (SHELAA), we request that you also make a submission to the Rudgwick Neighbourhood Plan process if you wish for the site to be considered for allocation within the Neighbourhood Plan. The Neighbourhood Plan is focusing on potential local – as opposed to strategic – scale allocations so this is particularly important for small (non-strategic) sites. If you do not submit your site to the Rudgwick Neighbourhood Plan Call for Sites process then there is no guarantee that it will be considered through this process. 
We require all submissions to be made in writing by 5pm on Tuesday 2nd April 2019. Submissions must be made to the Rudgwick Parish Council office, Rudgwick Hall, Bucks Green, Rudgwick, West Sussex, RH12 3JJ

 A slightly later call for sites, intended to mop up any missing interest, was published in the April 2019 issue of The Rudgwick Magazine. The closing date in the article was 5 April 2019.

The outcome of the call for sites is a list of 16 sites when including those already in the HDC Strategic Housing and Economic Land Availability Assessment (SHELAA) for Rudgwick. See (here) for more about the SHELAA. The SHELAA for Rudgwick can be found in detail at the following website.

These sites are listed (here)

Site application evaluation criteria. The criteria against which each application for a site will be assessed are given (here).

In preparing material for inclusion in the Rudgwick Neighbourhood Plan a Vision Statement brainstorming session resulted in the following material, June 2019 (here).

Provisional Document Headings for the Rudgwick Neighbourhood Plan have been drafted in June 2019 (here).


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